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Media Is Eye Candy!

Exploring new ways to make web-based content interesting and compelling for clients drives our passion for working with audio, video, and animation. Whether you need a marketing video or a podcast, Spicy Dragon Media is excited to work with you on creating something amazing.


If you are new to video production and shooting a simple video for your company, there are many aspects to video production that you will want to take into consideration. We have experience working with clients that need assistance with ensuring their audio, video, and lighting are setup in a way to produce the best results. Call us before you start your production.


Application of transitions between footage such as fade-in/outs can really enhance your final video and can make the difference between your video looking professional or amateur.


Here we make adjustments to contrast and color saturation to either the entire footage or to individual segments to ensure continuity.


We specialize in creating custom animations. Add the element of movement to your video with an animated logo or other elements. Create the illusion of motion.  Sometimes this might involve using 3D animation.


We can render your video for different distribution channels such as YouTube or for display at a convention.  There are many options and your needs will determine how many formats and file types you will need. Aspect ratio, maximum length. 


In this process, we preserve or delete the parts of your video footage, order video segments and apply lower-thirds (names/titles) in a way that best tells the desired story.


This involves integration of logos, digital watermarks, text overlays (lower-thirds - names and titles) and custom graphics as well as insertion of slide content. This is where we can really make the video yours.


If needed we can make adjustments to audio to clean up background noise, correct issues with volume by normalizing sound levels or add a music soundtrack to make your video even more interesting.


We also have experience creating software and website demonstrations, overview and training videos. These include voice-overs, specialized motion animation and branding.


Audio podcasts have been around for some time but they are still an effective way to share knowledge or thoughts with the world and promote your business at the same time. We can help you with the complexities of creating quality audio recordings, audio editing, and distribution solutions.

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