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Website Redesign: Capitable Group

- Steve Forbes

With so many options for services, sometimes you may only get one chance to make a good impression. Your brand is as important as the service or product you sell and your website should reflect your story in a visual voice. For this reason, your logo, website and brand should always look professional and cohesive. A good designer will know how apply your brand to all areas of your business marketing platforms.

We recently updated a website for our client, Capitable Group, who's website was not reflecting the more personalized and professional service they provide. The website had redundant information in multiple locations making the flow confusing. The content was reduced to focus on what potential clients needed to know in an intuitive way using Calls to Action in strategic locations. There were many forms located throughout the site making the experience counterintuitive. These were reduced to a single logically placed form used to gather the required information.

Our client wanted to present his potential clients with a more personalized experience, gaining their trust and selling them on his caring and professional approach first.

The color palette of the website needed an additional accent color. Many financial websites use green which is the color of money, however we used gold instead to add a much needed pop of color. Additionally, gold is associated with wealth and prosperity including optimism and happiness.

We updated all the imagery, highlighting the diversity of Capitable Groups client base. Replacing the generic photos with more happy personable ones made the website less sterile and refocused on highlighting the mission of providing a personalized, professional and fast experience to potential clients.

- Howard Schultz

Is your brand stuck in the past? Is your website outdated or a DIY job not reflecting your brand? Spicy Dragon Designs can help, call us today for a free consultation.

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